Heal Haiti second post Dr. P. April 2014

Sent from my iPad2nd day of clinic went smoother.  We saw about 130 patients Monday and about 170 on Tuesday. I went around making everything was running smoothly. I did triage for a bit. That was fun. I tried to get as much info as I could in order to help out whoever was going to see the patient. A few patients had borderline blood pressure numbers so I gave them an index card telling them to return the next day for a repeat blood pressure. Ella, Elaine's 13 year old daughter ran the gyn lab where she was running the STD tests. The students found her priceless. We saw a woman who was complaining of shortness of breath when she walked. Her hemaglobin was 5.6 (normal is 12). Her HIV test was negative. I asked Dr. Gousse to talk to her. It turns out that she had some lab tests done in Port-au-Prince and she had the results at home. We asked her to return the next day with the results. We both were wondering why she wasn't given a transfusion. The belly station was running strong and tons of people with outrageous hypertension. We were doling out tons of blood pressure med, aspirin and cholesterol meds (which we couldn't find the first day, but thankfully I found them along with the "missing" iron tabs). My friend Julie had taken on the task to prepack all 10,000 cholesterol pills...I was so glad to find them! We also found the gel used for Pap smears...we were using antifungal cream instead! Near the end of the day, the hemacue  (the anemia machine) stopped working. We told some kids to come back the next day hoping we would get it to work the next day. The leg guy came back for his dressing change which was fun for Lisa. Gyn was still behind but ended a bit sooner then the previous day. Every once in a while I'd pop my head in but the students were doing great. We treated many people for STD's and their partner. We also gave out tons of condoms. I was surprised how comfortable people were in accepting them. We came home feeling more accomplished. We ate, huddled and played more games.