HEAL Haiti Dr. G's Fourth Post

April 3, 2015

Today the group saw 173 patients.   The home visiting team saw the man who was bed bound after a stroke reported that he was better today.  No word on the sick baby.  Two dentists arrived yesterday and are continuing their work today.  Global health providers often say that to really relieve pain and suffering in impoverished areas bring a dentist.  None of the patients complained to us about tooth pain but apparently many or most of them are walking around in chronic pain with multiple abscesses.  Even the dentists were impressed.  They just pulled teeth all day.  The patients ranged from small children to elderly.  The students have definitely reached a tipping point and are running with their stations fairly independently with less 1:1 guidance.  Everyone was tired, by the end of the day particularly the translators. They work so hard; I think we are all looking forward to this being done soon.  Every night after dinner we huddle (aka “cuddle”) to discuss the day.  Great ideas come out regarding how we can improve for next year.  Everyone seems excited on the “stand” of making true, lasting impact on the people’s lives here.  Lisa and Aline’s “Needs Based Study “seems to be very encouraging so far.  The   community is enthusiastic about making health care more available here. No inkling of resistance to it by those that were interviewed, nor an inclinging to the local Voodoo or medicine men.  At dinner Gladys showed us a picture of the land where she is going to build the tech school and clinic with plans to start small and then grow big and build a “top-notch” university and hospital.  If anyone can make this happen it is Gladys.  Maybe the children in the neglected patch of the mountains of Haiti that dream of growing up to become doctors and nurses can be a reality.