H.E.A.L.  provides  healthcare and advocates for people who are impoverished and have limited access to healthcare. While providing care, HEAL educates and exposes American medical students  to poverty medicine. The healthcare is mobile and embedded into the towns and homes of those we serve. For the students, this environment has limited resources thus self reliance and independence as a health care provider are developed. As we are surrounded by the culture and the lives of those we serve, our partnership with the town and its people enriches each year.  Presently H.E.A.L. has dedicated itself to the town of Mussote.  As Mussote prospers, our mutual success will be measured by when H.E.A.L. no longer feels needed.   

What we Achieve


  • Yearly visits to Haiti with third and fourth year US trained medical students since 2009.
  • Deliver health care and medications to Haitians in Port Au Prince and in the remote mountain town of Mussote
  • See an average of 200 -300 patients per day when visiting Mussote.
  • Encourage medical students to continue their commitment to serving the underserved in the US and abroad.
  • Students create and Submit  research posters designed to academic publications and meetings
  • Provide primary care and medications to local schools and orphanages in Haiti
  • Perform 100-300 Pap smears per year (cervical cancer screenings) in Haiti 
  • Treat hypertension, H.Pylori, skin disorders, alleviate back pain from heavy farm work, administer Primary Care in 100s of adults
  • Treat worms, anemia, Malaria, and Primary Pediatrics in 100's children.
  • Provide scholarship to a selected Haitian to attend medical school and who intends on staying in Haiti to practice medicine 


Susan Partovi MD has devoted her professional life to serving the underserved.  Since 2009 she has been visiting Haiti and delivering free medical care to people in Haiti,  the most impoverished country in the Western Hemisphere.  Since the 2010 earthquake the  project has grown.  Now her efforts have transformed into a nonprofit corporation.  We are now H.E.A.L.  


"And so when I ask myself, what is my purpose in life? It is this. To illuminate every individual being's specialness, uniqueness, goodness through how I care for them. This is true especially for those where our community, country or world has ignored or defiled a person's or people's ability for full self expression of their goodness and happiness in their world. And, my mission is to model this expression of care to students, mentees and followers and inspire them to do the same."

Susan Partovi, MD from her book "This is Haiti"

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